High Densified Ply

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Pine Exporters is one of the preeminent companies of supplying High Densified Plywood and others like densified film faced shuttering plywood, densified chequered plywood, plyboard wood, wooden blackboard, pine logs etc. The densified shuttering plywood has a great demand for different kind of uses in construction industries due to its higher capability to withstand corrosive action of cement, water and sunlight. Pine Exporters operates in one of the most trusted manufacturer and importers of pine wood plywood, Malanti and other allied products. We offer the best price in the market with uncompromised quality product due to the bulk local and international sources.

There are numerous companies that specialize in offering products ranging from Plywood and allied products like, Particle Board, Blackboard, Film Faced Ply, Laminates, various species of wood like Radiata Pine and Maranti, and other important timber products like Flush Doors and Door Frames.