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    To give your office or commercial place or residence an attractive and elegant look, plyboard wood is the best option. Plywood usually has a higher uniform strength and free from the issues like swelling, shrinking, warping. Pine Exporters is one of the leading suppliers of pine wood plywood and other allied products like Blackboard wood, laminates, film faced ply along with different other timber products like flush doors, door frames, blackboard design etc. Pine Exporters has over 45 years of experience with a high client satisfaction level. We are the ultimate destination regarding all kind of requirement of pine wood plywood, wooden blackboard, laminates and other species of wood like Radiate Pine and Maranti etc.

  • mdf board suppliers

    BWR BWP Commercial H D P

    These are the two grades used for determining waterproof plywood. BWR stands for Boiling Water Resistant and BWP for Boiling Water Proof. Both the grade of plywood is used in the manufacturing of a different kind of furniture used in home or office as furniture’s are usually more prone to get exposure to water. Pine Exporters is one of the preeminent suppliers of commercial plywood for furniture, Kitchen cabinets, kitchen furniture’s etc are also made up of BWP plywood & BWR plywood. Pine Exporters has a long experience and expertise in distributing of various species of commercial plywood and other products like plyboard wood, pine wood plyboard and others. With over 45 years of experience, Pine Exporters provide the service in all over India and has the best client satisfaction level.

  • mdf board suppliers

    FilmFaced Ply

    The film faced plywood is a highly durable and lightweight ply which is waterproof and resistant to corrosion. The best property of film faced ply is that it can be easily combined with another kind of materials and is very easy to clean. Due to this, the film faced plywood furniture has a long durability even when used in a different climatic condition. The film faced plywood India is preferred as the best to use for outdoor usage. The Film Faced Ply has a coating of high-quality import films which ensures the higher durability of the same. Pine Exporters is one of the leading suppliers of different species of plywood and different other products like pine wood plywood, plyboard wood, blackboard wood and others. Pine Exporter has over 45 years experience and expertise in the timber industry.

  • mdf board suppliers

    Flush Doors

    The flush doors are one of the primary choices of use for office and commercial use. In Pine Exporters, you can get a wide range of flush door laminate designs to decorate your place. The Flush doors India has a great demand in compare to other types for commercial use due to the numerous features. You can select an attractive design for the external flush plywood door and simple and cost effective internal flush plywood door. With Pine Exporter, you will get all kind of attractive designs of flush doors along with attractive price also. With the over 45 years of experience in manufacturing and importing of pine wood, we offer the best service and that is also at the best rate.

  • mdf board suppliers

    High Densified Ply

    Pine Exporters is one of the preeminent companies of supplying High Densified Plywood and others like densified film faced shuttering plywood, densified chequered plywood, plyboard wood, wooden blackboard, pine logs etc. The densified shuttering plywood has a great demand for different kind of uses in construction industries due to its higher capability to withstand corrosive action of cement, water and sunlight. Pine Exporters operates in one of the most trusted manufacturer and importers of pine wood plywood, Malanti and other allied products. We offer the best price in the market with uncompromised quality product due to the bulk local and international sources.

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    Marine Plywood

    It is one of the best qualities of plywood which is preferred in all over the world for all kind tough and rough works. Marine Plywoods are high-quality hardwood plywood which is made up of waterproof glue. It comes in different kind of grades and is lightweight and very strong. It is also said that Marine Plywoods are literally defect-free. It has equal demand for both commercial and household use like for manufacturing of outdoor furniture, boats, platform near a water source like lake or pond, deck, in kitchen or bathroom and others. From Pine Exporters, get the best quality Marine Plywood and that is also at the best possible price.

  • MDF Board

    Whether you are planning to design an office, home or commercial space, Plywood Products Delhi are the best option. Plywood is a wooden panel glued together by industry standard adhesives. Today almost all commercial organizations purchase plywood for furniture. However, there are numerous companies that specialize in offering products ranging from Plywood and allied products like, Particle Board, Blackboard, Film Faced Ply, Laminates, various species of wood like Radiate Pine and Maranti, and other important timber products like Flush doors and Door Frames. Products include Plywood MR Grade, Plywood PS/ BWR/ BWP, FilmFaced Ply, Blockboard, High Densified Ply, Decorative Laminates

  • Particle Board

    The particle board comes in a great use for designing your residence or office and commercial places. Pine Exporters is the best place to get a wide range of particle board quality and that is also at the most reasonable prices. This type of boards are usually cheaper than other but has a lot of uses like: –
    -Particle board furniture
    -Particle board furniture
    -particle board flooring
    -particle board cabinets
    -particle board ceiling
    -particle board cabinet doors
    Pine Exporters is known for the quality and reliability of the service. With over five decades of experience in the industry, we are the best place to get the best deals.

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    Plywood BWR

    The Bwr grade plywood means “Boiling Water Resistant’, it proves that this kind of plywoods are of high quality and a perfect choice to use in exterior location or in places which is more exposed to water like kitchen or washroom. There is always a comparison in bwr vs bwp plywood, but both of them very strong and tough in quality. The different bwr plywood specification makes it best suitable for exterior use as it has the features to outstand the heat and water. Get a wide range of bwr plywood from Pine Exporters as we are the preeminent company of providing the best service at the most reasonable price.

  • mdf board suppliers

    Plywood MR

    The mr grade plywood means “Moisture Resistant”. This type of plywoods is the best to be used for an interior purpose like manufacturing of bed or furniture where the chance of getting wet is very less. Mr plywood is not waterproof but has a lot of usages. The MR grade plywood has a lot of demand for decorating and designing of residence and commercial place due to the benefit of cost effectiveness. Get the best designs and quality of MR plywood from Pine Exporters. Pine Exporter is in the market for plywood manufacturing and imports since over last 50 years, thus with the vast experience, we provide the best service at the most reasonable charges.