Plywood MR

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The mr grade plywood means “Moisture Resistant”. This type of plywoods is the best to be used for an interior purpose like manufacturing of bed or furniture where the chance of getting wet is very less. Mr plywood is not waterproof but has a lot of usages. The MR grade plywood has a lot of demand for decorating and designing of residence and commercial place due to the benefit of cost effectiveness. Get the best designs and quality of MR plywood from Pine Exporters. Pine Exporter is in the market for plywood manufacturing and imports since over last 50 years, thus with the vast experience, we provide the best service at the most reasonable charges.

There are numerous companies that specialize in offering products ranging from Plywood and allied products like, Particle Board, Blackboard, Film Faced Ply, Laminates, various species of wood like Radiata Pine and Maranti, and other important timber products like Flush Doors and Door Frames.